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RAW SUCKED…AGAIN. There’s my review.

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My main man. The King of Wrestling.

The WWE 2K15 gameplay trailer is here, and all I have to say is……holy mother of god!

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Not sure about how they got there, but Brock Lesnar retains. And that’s the important thing. All hail our fearless conqueror! Beast of Minnesota. Lord of the Streak. Champion of Champions. Brock Lesnar!

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….Or make Paige get beaten twice in the same match. That’s the way to build future stars….okay.

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"You don’t want to make ______ mad. _______ likes to have fun. Don’t turn your back on ______."
— Most Overused Phrases in Wrestling
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"It’s like a real life Terrance and Phillip."
— Randy Orton
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Roman Reigns Out Several Months

As just reported on Night of Champions Kick-Off Roman Reigns will be out for “several months”. Also in a separate segment on the WWE Network it was stated 10-12 weeks. So it appears Reigns will be out for an extended period of time, which is really unfortunate. WWE is not catching any breaks with these injuries.

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Goldust new face paint is SICK!

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RUMOR KILLER: Michelle McCool Says Undertaker Is Doing Well

After rumors began to swirl regarding the Undertaker’s health Michelle McCool posted this picture on Instagram and said her husband is doing great. Rumors surfaced when Fred Durst of all people said at a concert that Taker was “not doing well” and asked for everyone’s thoughts and prayers. I think we should all consider the source here. Happy to here my all-time favorite is healthy.

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