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I’m so wrestling, that my watch only has one time. Vader Time!

I’m so wrestling, that my watch only has one time. Vader Time!

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Is it just me, or was there a really douchey crowd for NXT this week?

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Anonymous asked: "I heard Kofi is finally turning heel, how do you feel about this?"

I think it’s great. We’ll see what they do with the Nation of Domination vibe they have going. One things for sure, a change is long overdue for Kofi. Hopefully this will give him a legitimate role other than being a midcard jobber. I like the dynamic between Kofi, Xavier, and Big E, and would be nice to see a couple more additions to the group. Mark Henry? Titus? 

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Kid was at my work doing wrestling moves, while his mom developed her pictures. As they were about to leave I said, “You and mini Roman Reigns over there have a good night.” The look on his face when he realized I knew his secret, priceless. :o “How does he know?!” were his exact words.

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Here’s what I really want to know; how is Stephanie McMahon?

"Now I’ll admit it. I’m mad. I’m very mad today. I’m madder than I’ve ever been in a long time, but I have options on how I handle this. I have options.

Notice he uses the name “Mark”. Very clever Mr. H.

Just in case anyone was still offended by Rusev and Lana.

"President Saddam Hussein I Sgt. Slaughter pledge that my career will follow your loftily standards."

It’s called being a heel. 

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The magnitude of my dislike for one John Cena can’t be better explained than in the fact that I will joyously root for Brock Lesnar to destroy him. Brock Lesnar, the same man that killed my childhood at Wrestlemania 30. The same man that ended The Streak of my wrestling end all be all, The Undertaker. The man I should hate the most, will be who I stand behind as he slaughters Super Cena. 

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Oh Mr. Cena. 28 days til your reign ends.

Oh Mr. Cena. 28 days til your reign ends.

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Cena, Miz, and Sheamus are all champions. Hey everyone its 2009 :D

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